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but your knucles say Cobra

hmm, Cobra Bubbles

Larissa not Lola
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"Thoughts are the shadows of feelings, always darker, emptier, and simpler.
I don't care if they're fake or real, I just thank them for showing up at all.
I have black periods. Who does not? But they are not a part of me;
they are not a part of illness, but a part of my being. What am I saying? I have the courage to have them. Four o' clock in the morning. This sucks."

"Y'know, the only reason you take you car cd player apart is to give 'them' the impression
that you've already been jacked so they can't jack you. you stupid parinoid person." ~ me

"He's over there in the comfy chairs!" ~ Robyn

"Holy shit, that really is really fucking bright." ~ David

"Thats cool slash not slash awsome slash omg stop looking at me like that." ~ Jimminey

To Nikki Month Weatherby: Beat him with a stick to get him to talk

"You know, death really sucks."
Rest In Peace
Colin Griffith

you rock'd and you knew it too

.Larissa. 17. high school student. jobless. slash reader. Isn't! At the Disco (it's way to packed and i hate crowds, y'know?). doesn't dance. music lover. prides self on band knowlage. lurker. has a stalker. crafty. omg problemsolver. ova industrial design team member. can't use a pottery wheel at all. might become a stage hand at the Palace. artsy kid. will be your new best friend. doubles as Switzerland. her hair will take over one day. RP’er. has an made up friend name Max. he's an ass. ♥ Robyn, Nikki, Kiko, Zach, Rissa, Jimminey, Kelsduh, Lauran, Katie, Jack, Mike, Christina, MAX, Curtis, You, Josh, Jessi, Jess.

Pfft, Lilo
and Stich

why are you late?
*huff* every Tuesday i take Pudge the fish a peanutbutter sandwich.
Pudge is a fish?
well today we were out of peanute butter. so i asked my sister what to give him and she said tuna! do you know what tuna is?
it's fish?
IT'S FISH! if i gave Pudge tuna i'd be an abomination! so i had to run to the store to get peanut butter cause all we had was...was...STINKEN TUNA!
Lilo, why is this so important to you?
...Pudge controls the weather.

pants are hot.

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